Vcase is online service to provide everything for building N-Screen Video Service. We provide all services in one-stop system such as uploading, encoding, encryption, play, and delivery in online, without any trouble of the servers and infrastructure for Video Service. Also, we offer Media Solution Ecosystem applying the global best top media solution to the service with only few clicks.

Job Automation

Transcoding, encryption and transmission will be done automatically after upload.

Effective Video Management

Contents can be managed effectively with useful video mangement tools.


We support to play video in Web, PC, Mobile, IPTV, Set-top.

Advertisement and Monetization

It can provide your published AD, also use 3th party AD server to maximize porfit.

HTML5, Mobile Player

We provide HTML5 video player and seperately suppored perfect Android HLS mobile player to make to use various services.


It can analyze your service more effectively with providing analytics for each content and device.

Video Platform


Web upload
Ftp Massive volume of upload

  • Multi-Channel upload

    - Browser (Web, Flash/HTML5)
    - API

  • Bulk upload

    - FTP


99% Codec Support
High-speed Distribution Transcoding

  • High-performance transcoding system
  • Amost Codec and Container Support
  • Support detail transcoding options for advance users
  • Extract Various Metadata
  • Provide already defined profile

    - Provide for each quality : Resolution, Bitrate, Frame rate, multi pass encoding, Interlaced scan
    - Provide for each device : PC, Mobile, Tablet, Smart TV

  • Provide Optional Functions

    - Image Overlay


web base frame maximized usability

  • Video, audio, image, subtitle content management
  • Playlist & Channel

    - Categories
    - Organization management
    - Live Channel

  • Metadata

    - User Defined Metadate Management

  • Authority Management

    - DRM system integration


FTP based high-speed transmisstion

  • FTP high-speed transmission


Various streaming base
Distribution Provide

  • N-Screen Player's Publishing

    - Web : Flash, HTML5
    - Native : Android, iOs, Windows, Mac OSX SDK
    - Device : PC, Mobile, IPTV, Set-top-box

  • VOD, Live Streaming
  • Provide uploadable / downloadable URL

  • Adaptive Streaming

  • Access Control

    - Date, Domain, Geography, IP, Count


Creating Various Profit

  • User's AD Management

    - Video AD Insertion (pre, mid, post)

  • Double Click Integration


Analyze various use patterns

  • Each Content, period, device
  • Provide the Information of Number of Play, Section of Play, Network Traffic
  • Use Pattern

    - The most played content
    - Engagement


Simply Integration through RESTful API

  • Integration of Restful API
  • SDK

    - Player, Playlist, Web Resource…

  • Document and samples

Professional Media Solution

The best quality of media solution has been already integrated in Vcase. Also, you can simply use various other solutions.
It will be integrated with more solutions in the future.

Inka DRM
Fasoo DRM




1Gbytes storage

10Mbytes bandwidth

available for 15 dyas


conference need

Consultation Possibility for all condition


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